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ZeroProof, New Mexico’s underage drinking awareness campaign, is getting national attention. RK Venture’s campaign combats the serious problem of underage drinking which can cause a host of problems including traffic fatalities and crashes.

Last year the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) presented at the 2017 Strategic Communications Forum in Washington D.C. to communicate our state’s plans and network with our colleagues. The National Law Enforcement Liaison Program (NLELP) were impressed by the ZeroProof campaign, its unique positioning and strategy, and chose to publish it as their lead article in the Law Enforcement Liaisons (LELs) newsletter, a publication whose mission is to promote national highway safety programs, initiatives and campaigns.

Advertising Week Reports Efficacy of Highway Safety Billboards


RK Venture is very proud of the work we do with the New Mexico Department of Transportation to promote road safety. When we see the number of fatalities going down, we know that lives are literally being saved through the State’s commitment to road safety, our media campaigns and strong law enforcement. A recent Advertising Week report focuses on the efficacy of robust media campaigns to changing behavior that contributes to the downward trend of alcohol-related fatalities. 

Billboards are the perfect vehicle for reaching our demographic. After all, our target audience are in their cars. According to a survey conducted by the Motor Vehicle Division and the University of Chicago, New Mexico drivers are highly aware of the ENDWI and DNTXT slogans. These are shown throughout the state on our highways and are incorporated in all other tactics of our road safety campaigns.

Our strategy for outdoor
When creating our outdoor campaigns, we incorporate messaging that’s being used throughout all the tactics in the campaign. That said, our billboards represent a more sober message appropriate for that media. Whereas entertaining and sometimes humorous approaches can be effectively used for social media engagement, and long-format messaging for TV can expound on the message through compelling and graphic storytelling, our billboards remain a quick read (for obvious reasons) and more serious in tone. Where the integrated campaign comes together is in the type of messaging itself: Are we focusing on consequences, planning ahead, targeting influencers, reflective emotions to making bad choices, facilitating triggers, graphic and hard-hitting imagery, fear of arrest, setting a good example, etc.? The billboards will tie in the chosen messaging being used throughout the media campaign. 

New Mexico’s long-standing commitment to raising awareness and facilitating behavior change through robust, integrated campaigns is well-known within the industry. The results are good, but there is still so much work to do. Even one roadway death is still one too many.

Monday 08.07.17

Posted by Rachel Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy