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RK Venture is a dynamic, creative agency based in Albuquerque, NM.

An agency is only as strong as its roster of talent. We are a diverse group of passionate people; open-minded, funny, serious, smart, curious, clever and professional. Come meet the award-winning team of our firm.

RK team.

Richard Kuhn The dream leader and lead dreamer. Rainmaker. The first and last word on everything we create. World traveler. Passionate advocate for and supporter of worthy causes. Serious about not taking things too seriously.

Nick Tauro Creative solutions and ideas aplenty. Photographer. Vinyl junkie. Improv nerd. Adventurous eater. Closeted optimist.

Dianne De Leon Account manager and whip cracker. Sees the forest through the trees. Drummer. Taco enthusiast. Deadly at the poker table.

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Rebecca Hahs Graphic design ninja. Sun salutations at sunrise. Margaritas at sunset. Fashion advisor. Future crazy cat lady.

Mario Moreno Production jack of all trades. In house DJ. Movie star in waiting. New York tough guy with a heart of gold.

Rachel Kennedy Copywriter and fact wrangler. Podcast producer. Coolness barometer. Will destroy you on the tennis court.

Paige Alexander Animated animator. Fresh ideas, start to finish. Uncommon common sense. Kickboxer in training, so be nice.

Nichole Garcia Office manager. Keeper of “the codes.” Winner: sweetest team member. Style icon. Native roots that run deep.

Pablo Garcia Bookkeeping and numbers maven. The man behind the curtain. Six string slinger. Rock and roll heart. The epitome of the strong, silent type.

Luna The “real” boss. Fur tumbleweed producer. Staff meeting facilitator. Will work for bully sticks.

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