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Bright lights, big hearted city. We’re proud to be based in Albuquerque, and we love to help spread the word of our great home town.

We developed and executed a full multi-media campaign featuring the neon glory of Route 66, right here in Albuquerque.

Highlighting the things we love about our city was easy, with Route 66, 
“The Mother Road” rolling right through the middle of town.

We love our hometown, and we jumped at the chance to celebrate Albuquerque’s Main Street, Route 66. The neon still shines bright in the New Mexico night, and we loved celebrating all the fun things to discover along the Central Avenue corridor. We covered the entire stretch of the famed highway, which acts as the cultural and entertainment anchor for our high desert city. So many great places to “Get Your Kicks”… it’s tough to choose where to begin!

Together, we are ONE Albuquerque.

With a new mayor coming into office, RK Venture was hired to help share Mayor Tim Keller’s vision for our city. The idea of one city, coming together, was at the heart of his new administration. We developed a signature logotype for the new civic brand, with a nod to the vernacular nickname of our town, affectionately known as ‘burque” to us locals.

The new identity became an instant hit around town, with the logo appearing everywhere, from posters to t-shirts.

Our work for the City of Albuquerque extended to its local rapid transit line. 

Using the same highly-visible graphics style of other civic campaigns, we developed an awareness campaign about transit safety and efficiency. Extremely relevant during the COVID 19 pandemic, cleanliness and safety were heralded through a serious of “wild postings” that appeared on streets citywide.

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