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Change is in the air 
at one of the busiest airports in the world. We are helping to get the message out.

We continuously create eye-catching messaging to let travelers know that improvements are en route.

Whether it is via in-terminal graphics, larger than life outdoor banners, or social media platforms, a consistent brand message is shared with the traveling audience, letting them know how their plans might be impacted by current airport transformation projects, and generating excitement about what the future of travel through LAX will look like. 

We embraced 
LAX’s iconic looks 
with a contemporary 
graphic approach.

Coming or going, our branding can be seen everywhere at LAX.

As new features and services are introduced at the airport, our bold messaging is there to share the news. The LAX-it campaign was another opportunity for our colorful design approach to shine in the Southern California sun.

LAX-it Recharge 
Kiosk animation, 
to reach passengers
As they arrive.

Whether for business or for pleasure, we make sure visitors to LAX know they are arriving someplace special.

Special events happen in LA on an almost daily basis. We make sure that specific messages are created to welcome a broad range of visitors, whether it is for a big game, a world premiere in Hollywood, or maybe just a few days on the beach. That’s special, too!

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We announced new 
features like pre-booked 
parking which made a 
departure from LAX 
so much easier.

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