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Rethink Refresh Revise Rebrand

It’s a new year and a time for new beginnings. One of the more exciting projects in advertising is branding, the opportunity to give a voice, personality, and look and feel to a brand that helps it connect with its audience. When we created the ENDWI branding (now one of the most recognized and recalled brands in the state), we knew it was aspirational. It is the ultimate goal. In addition to branding ENDWI for the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT), we created sub brands to target other safe driving initiatives that tie into the ENDWI brand family that also use short abbreviations and similar typography.


Nine years ago ENDWI hit the road, showing up on billboards and TV spots around the state. Since the launch of ENDWI, DNTXT and BKLUP, research has shown that they have a high degree of public recognition adding equity to the brands over the years.


So why refresh the brands now? Most brands change their graphic identities every 7 to 10 years. Usually, it’s to modernize the look or reposition it to fit a new business model. For ENDWI, we wanted to evolve the tone to take on a more conversational voice. ENDWI is well established. Now, we want the brand to be more approachable while still keeping its seriousness. We want to engage with the influencers, people who not only set a good example by planning ahead and designating a driver, but who will also intervene when they see an unsafe situation involving drinking and driving. We’re looking to the future where we’re not only changing individual behavior but societal norms.


Most of the sub brand colors remain the same with a couple of logos’ colors refreshed. According to a study by the University of Loyola, color increases brand recognition up to eighty percent. And colors affect perceptions and behavior. It’s a source of information.


DNTXT is now Justdrive. Awareness about texting and driving is still the main focus of the new brand; however, other distracted driving behaviors such as eating, programming music or navigation, and grooming will be included. Have you ever heard someone say they would never text and drive and then see them using other apps on their phone while driving? Yes, we’re talking to them.


Speeding awareness has been added to the seat belt safety campaign. During the pandemic, speeding and reckless driving incidents have skyrocketed. Motorists are taking advantage of less traffic to drive much faster putting all New Mexicans at risk.


The ultimate goal for refreshing these brands is to put them out of business. Until then, it is important to campaign ceaselessly to change the behaviors that result in so many lives lost. 

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