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Welcome To Summer Fun!

It’s time to get together with friends, family, and neighbors to fire up the grill, pop open a couple cold ones, and if you’re lucky, take a dip in the pool. And perhaps break into dance? This is the theme for this summer’s ENDWI campaign that recently launched. Click on the video below to see dance moves by Richy Jackson (Lady Gaga’s personal choreographer) with original music composed by local, David Garcia. We were honored to work with top music video director for “Don’t Crash the Party,” Marc Klasfeld, who has directed hundreds of music videos for a diverse array of artists such as Katy Perry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z and Aerosmith. He has also directed for HBO’s award-winning series, “Oz.”

Billboards and digital advertising tie into the theme. Radio spots can be heard in English and Spanish.

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We incorporate different strategies into our campaigns to reach our audience and bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving. Sometimes our spots are humorous, and sometimes they’re serious—all to prevent the horrible consequences of getting behind the wheel after a night out. Sometimes we target drinkers, and sometimes we target their influencers, people who have the power to stop someone from driving impaired. Results show that the campaigns work. We have fewer alcohol-related fatalities on our roadways, and social norms have changed. But our message and brand, ENDWI, is about ending DWI. Drunk driving is still a deadly-serious problem in New Mexico, and we won’t stop until the carnage stops.


The strategy behind this campaign has many dimensions. First, we’re saying it’s okay to have fun and enjoy a drink or two, as long as you don’t drive. This seems fitting for a time where people are getting back together, and summer’s festivities begin. The video also shows friends (influencers) stopping someone from driving home. It’s an example of a social norming campaign, a proven method for promoting healthy norms around alcohol use. We’re showing and messaging positive alcohol use for our audience to emulate. Well, maybe not the breaking-out-into-a-musical part, but everyone is welcome to try. Mostly, we want to reach people in an entertaining fashion. We hope you enjoy, responsibly of course.

A special shout-out to our own Nichole Garcia, who makes a cork-popping cameo in the video. 

A Spanish version has also launched.

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