RK Venture

Ambercare Case Study

Ambercare is a 15 year old, New Mexico-based, employee owned provider of home healthcare, hospice and medical supplies services. The company was facing stiff competition in the marketplace, not only from other locally based firms, but also by a growing threat from national, corporate service providers. Ambercare wanted to differentiate themselves, by focusing their message on the exemplary personal service they provide, and to have a brand position that best reflected their strongest attributes.


RK Venture was asked to make an assessment of the current Ambercare brand. It was determined that the company’s brand identity should focus on its core strengths that differentiate it from the competition. Because it is an employee owned, faith-centric company, the personal, compassionate care that patients receive at Ambercare is far above and beyond that which other firms provide. Additionally, by employing a more holistic approach when dealing with end of life issues, their hospice services are unique in the marketplace. Ultimately, it was the fact that Ambercare provides “all the comforts of home” no matter where their patients may find themselves, that became the central theme to all, new brand messaging.

rk venture ambercare .png

Through an aggressive external advertising effort, the updated Ambercare brand now enjoys high visibility and recognition by the general public. There has been a sizable increase in the amount of general inquiry phone calls and emails in the year since re-brand launch, over figures for previous years, as well as an increase in provided services across all company offerings at all locations statewide. The company is now perceived as the number one provider of home healthcare and hospice services in NM. Internally, an already high employee moral has grown as well, with retention rates seeing an increase over past figures. All in all, from external audiences to internal staff and shareholders, everyone has embraced and celebrated the new Ambercare identity, and the company is well poised for future market growth.