RK Venture

Comcast Case Study

One of the major challenges that a cable service provider faces is keeping their customers’ systems up and running. Traditionally, this has been one of the main factors that lead to customer dissatisfaction. In order to combat this issue, Comcast created a mobile technical support team. Dubbed “Road Crew,” these “on-the-go” technicians were available to assist Comcast customers in the set-up, installation, service upgrading and troubleshooting of computer software and hardware. Comcast turned  to RK Venture to help identify, promote and build awareness for this new service.


RK Venture created a compelling identity for the ROAD CREW service, including a series of marketing activities that intended to differentiate Comcast’s new customer service from other competing services. An important step in our strategic process was to test the ROAD CREW service as a pilot program to assess its success with customers and advantages in terms of building long-term customer loyalty. A graphic identity was developed that would convey the proactive, dependable and reliable aspects of the ROAD CREW service. Finally, an internal awareness campaign was developed to assure internal championing of the service by Comcast customer service representatives.


­While conforming to the guidelines of the overall Comcast brand, a unique identity for the ROAD CREW service was applied utilizing multiple messaging avenues. Direct mail postcards, lobby posters, collateral service brochures, promotional specialty items, and a :30 TV spot to air on cross-channel cable were all used to raise awareness of the ROAD CREW program, educating Comcast customers about this new benefit available to them. Additionally, the internal awareness campaign enabled Comcast employees to act as proud stewards for the new service. 

Since the launch of the marketing campaign, sales of ROAD CREW services increased by over 60%. For those customers who have received ROAD CREW services, the retention rate is 100%.

After-service phone surveys have determined that 80% of customers were “Extremely Satisfied” with the service and that the experience had increased their overall positive impression of Comcast. Nearly all (90%) stated they were likely to recommend both Comcast High Speed Internet and the ROAD CREW service to others. As a result of the overall performance, Comcast expanded the ROAD CREW service, launching in three additional markets.