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ZeroProof, New Mexico’s underage drinking awareness campaign, is getting national attention. RK Venture’s campaign combats the serious problem of underage drinking which can cause a host of problems including traffic fatalities and crashes.

Last year the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) presented at the 2017 Strategic Communications Forum in Washington D.C. to communicate our state’s plans and network with our colleagues. The National Law Enforcement Liaison Program (NLELP) were impressed by the ZeroProof campaign, its unique positioning and strategy, and chose to publish it as their lead article in the Law Enforcement Liaisons (LELs) newsletter, a publication whose mission is to promote national highway safety programs, initiatives and campaigns.

News from Metrolink

First, RK Venture is proud to have been selected as a winner in the 2016 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual for the design of textbook covers for Metrolink. Designed by Rebecca Hahs, the graphics promote traffic safety and are distributed to middle and high school students reminding them of the importance of safety around trains and railroad tracks. Distraction among teenagers has become a big problem, and railway crossings are a dangerous place for pedestrians and bicyclists if they’re not paying attention especially with the increased use of headphones and cell phones. Good work, Becky!

View the awards on Print Magazine's website.


And in more news from Metrolink… 

We can’t help but toot our own train horn after seeing the numbers coming back after the launch of our “Commute Altering” campaign for Metrolink. It’s off the rails! 

The overall goal for all our campaigns with Metrolink is to increase ridership and make commuting, and using the train in general, more attractive. This not only helps the client gain revenue but also reduces road congestion, reduces the carbon footprint, reduces gas consumption, provides economic growth to the communities it serves (home values go up; business sales increase), and generally makes the community a more attractive place to live and visit. 

Unlike some European cities or American cities in the East, Southern California is the epitome of car culture. How do we get people to leave their cars and use the train? By creating a campaign celebrating Southern California that makes using public transportation attractive and educating people on how it can benefit their quality of life, we’ve helped increase ridership to record levels.

A great opportunity arose. The I5 freeway was slated to undergo a huge construction project to widen the road in an attempt to increase the flow of traffic between L.A. and Orange County. The construction along the freeway would bottleneck cars for miles. Why not advertise to all the commuters sitting in traffic? Bright, illustrated creative was used to show a sunnier side, á la laid-back California, with different characters, groovy copy and graphics. Billboards were placed along the I5 freeway showing a sunny, mellow alternative to the commuters already stuck in traffic. Other tactics included a strong digital presence (to attract the all important millennial demographic), postcards (to help drive customers to the website), and radio spots. 

And now for the numbers…

Ridership on the Orange County and 91 Lines (the ones running parallel to I-5) are up 9.5% from last year. Response rates (1.64-3.53%) to direct mail have exceeded industry standards (1.0-1.5%). The digital campaign has generated over 63 million impressions through August, driving over 190,000 clicks for a 0.30% click through rate. From May to August 2016, the I-5 Microsite has experienced the most web traffic since the inception of the site in January 2013, largely as a result of the media campaigns. The traffic during these four months accounts for half of total traffic on the site over the last 20 months.

This is a client whose mission we believe in wholeheartedly and are privileged to share in their success. 

Rachel Kennedy