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ZeroProof, New Mexico’s underage drinking awareness campaign, is getting national attention. RK Venture’s campaign combats the serious problem of underage drinking which can cause a host of problems including traffic fatalities and crashes.

Last year the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) presented at the 2017 Strategic Communications Forum in Washington D.C. to communicate our state’s plans and network with our colleagues. The National Law Enforcement Liaison Program (NLELP) were impressed by the ZeroProof campaign, its unique positioning and strategy, and chose to publish it as their lead article in the Law Enforcement Liaisons (LELs) newsletter, a publication whose mission is to promote national highway safety programs, initiatives and campaigns.

AdWheel Awards for Metrolink


RK Venture is proud that Metrolink has been recognized among their peers for our campaign to promote train travel and reduce traffic along a seven-mile corridor on the I-5 freeway in Southern California. Metrolink received the 2017 AdWheel First Place Print Media Award for Best Marketing and Communications to Increase Ridership or Sales for their I-5 campaign, an example of work involving great collaboration between our two companies.


The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) recognized the campaign for its efficacy of targeting single occupancy vehicle drivers and helping to change the ingrained driving behaviors of commuters in Southern California.


The I-5 campaign included outdoor that was created to increase awareness of Metrolink train service along the 6th busiest freeway corridor in the greater Los Angeles area. Major construction was scheduled on the freeway affording a great opportunity to reach future commuters stuck in their cars. The graphics proved memorable to new customers — 60% of those who tried the train recalled having seen the billboards, more than any other outreach program. Our strategy was to create eye-catching billboards that conveyed a clear message and identified Metrolink as a stress-free way to commute. The design used colorful illustrations of the train and characters to capture the attention of drivers through a very crowded ad heavy corridor. Fun headlines promoted the primary message of easy commuting. The billboards were refreshed once each quarter to prevent creative fatigue and keep the interest to the driver.


As a result, ridership on the lines running parallel to the corridor increased 9.5% and revenue increased 6.8% from the previous year.


The pilot program far exceeded expectations by Metrolink. The 6-month campaign was so successful in increasing ridership that our client chose to extend it for an additional 6 months. It encouraged more local trips and saw an increase in ridership by 16.4% from the start of the program. Sales data showed the one-way and round-trip ticket ridership increased by 44.2% suggesting new customers were introduced to the service. The digital campaign was very successful garnering nearly 30 million impressions and 150,000 website page views.

Rachel Kennedy