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ZeroProof, New Mexico’s underage drinking awareness campaign, is getting national attention. RK Venture’s campaign combats the serious problem of underage drinking which can cause a host of problems including traffic fatalities and crashes.

Last year the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) presented at the 2017 Strategic Communications Forum in Washington D.C. to communicate our state’s plans and network with our colleagues. The National Law Enforcement Liaison Program (NLELP) were impressed by the ZeroProof campaign, its unique positioning and strategy, and chose to publish it as their lead article in the Law Enforcement Liaisons (LELs) newsletter, a publication whose mission is to promote national highway safety programs, initiatives and campaigns.

"The Things I've Seen", ENDWI TV Spots from an Officer's Perspective

RK Venture has produced three new TV spots showing the tragic consequences of drunk driving from the perspective of police officers. And it’s sobering. This is what it’s actually like. The trauma and devastation from DWI crashes has resulted in almost 100 deaths so far this year. An officer sees this too often, and it’s heartbreaking. All three scripts were based on true stories shared by officers of the New Mexico State Police. 

“The Things I’ve Seen” is a thought-provoking campaign meant to give pause and focus on the seriousness of drunk driving. By featuring actual police officers in the spots and showing things from their personal perspectives, we hope to engage the viewer to feel what they feel and have a better understanding of the reality of what can happen when driving drunk.  

"Badge" starts with the officer washing blood off his hands and ends with him putting his badge back on over his heart. In between we see the carnage of a DWI crash and the anguish on the faces of the family he needs to inform. It's a horrible day in the life of a police officer.

"Morning" takes place at dawn in a quintessential New Mexico setting. It pans from the wreck of a flipped vehicle with its driver lying dead next to it to the look on the officer’s face to a woman crying out in the distance. This is the gruesome scene of a DWI crash shot in one single, eerily beautiful take.

"Repeat" focuses on the problem of repeat offenders. There is repetition. The squad car door closes; the officer approaches the driver; the handcuffs go on the offender. Over and over. Too often it’s the same person. The officer’s perspective of another day on the job drives home the need to ENDWI, especially regarding those individuals who unfortunately don’t learn their lesson the first time.  

Rachel Kennedy